Friday, October 24, 2008

Fud Buster Friday #11 - Your Vote Counts

Yes, the original from 2000 Chad hanging Voting Booth, I got one for $10 in 2002

I should save this for 2 weeks from now.

In Florida....
Do not vote in advance, they will misplace the ballots.
Do not do absentee ballots they may never arrive or be delivered.
Do not mail in your votes.

DO vote in person on Election day.

I gave my 4, soon to be 5, year olds class a voting machine as seen above.
One of the infamous 2000 election hanging chad ones.

So they can see what it is like. Why? Because I have one, and this is why I have it.
Because to drag my kids to wait in line for 2+ hours to vote and all they would get is a stupid "I voted" or "My Vote Counts"(these were given out in 2004 I think in Florida only, for obvious reasons) sticker and no ride at Disneyland will not make them very happy.

Nor will all of you who are staunch defenders of your 1st Amendment rights to say whatever, whenever and wherever you like and feel. Please remember kids do listen to adults and you should pay more attention to how you act on Election day in front of them or better yet, volunteer at their school to help discuss the election, if you have a valid interest or role for it.

Teach your children about voting, elections, taxes, war or whatever you want but leave the choice to them to understand and make their own choices. Don't repeat the lies and biased opinions you feel deserve to be known, from either side.

Sorry, if you wanted something more from this week's post, especially the non-US readers, leave me an idea in the comments, I will write about it next week. I promise.