Friday, February 1, 2008

Where do you want to be in an Emergency?

Relaxing of course! But highly unlikely since everyone else around you will be going crazy. This is your chance to help others since your plans will have been put in place and you have little or no worries.

Some clients have asked about Business COntinuity and Lotus infrastructures, I started with this list to remind them, sometimes you have to plan for the way unexpected.

Every business has had a failure at one time, recognize any of the following:

Electrical power loss/surge (accidental, intentional or just random)
Telecommunication lines cut or inoperative
Cut cables to from a building or data center
Hard drive failures
Motherboards that just stop working
SAN cables that got cut in a closet door or melted
Fire Extinguisher/Sprinklers set off in your data center
Construction broke a hole in the wrong wall/floor/roof

And of course hurricanes, fires, tsunamis, floods, snow storms and other acts of God or unnatural acts of terrorists.

Some are major disruptions, others are minor. A few are reoccurring and some are even intentional like when testing generators or building services.

They all have one thing in common!

Your business and it's data and operations are at risk.

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