Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Evangelists United

More poeple have begun to blog about evangelism and that is good, Lotus always needs it.
I prefer not to follow them on marketing, everyone can read about IBM's sales targets and revenues (Lotus was up 12%) in many places, I like to discuss competitive situations and hard sells.
Today I was on a conference call and there was a person who either does not want to do any work or is a MS lover. I say that because whenever someone picks on Lotus software for being slow or using bandwith too much I just like to laugh, its the odlest MS trick in the world.

It's not Lotus really, check it, sniff it, do whatever you want, Lotus uses whatever you have or as little as you want if you maintian thresholds/ratios for ports.

Why do the MS people keep harping on what has been proven wrong? Because they have ruin out of other routes to defense.

Remember in selling, if a person provides any defense at all, they are interested, just not ready, if you can drop their defense, (may not be exact)85% of the people do not have a 2nd reason and 98% do not have a 3rd.
So nip it in the bud, get it out there and then walk them through it all.
A good counter is perhaps showing how slow a Windows box is no matter how much memroy it has compared to a linux box or phones mobile to symbian.
There are always possibilities.....choose wisely!

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