Thursday, July 19, 2007

So far so Good

Not finished but the 1st competitive crisis of my new partner went well.
Money is always the issue, right?
Licenses would cost $20K to upgrade to R7/8 but MS wants to give them way for $1,000.
Great deal, save big money for the non-profit, right? Wrong!

Licenses, in the Lotus case is all it requires, yes some admin time, but since they have the staff it is not an issue.
Hardware, in the Microosft case is seriously required. 64-bit servers are not cheap, $8,000 for the one I looked up to configure andthat was without support contracts!
So if thy wanted an Exchange 2007 server they have to buy 2 servers of the exact same specifications, one for production, one for backup/drp. Cost so far $17,000.
But wait, they also need to update their AD infrastructure to 2007. More software licenses.
Plus they would want OWA which would mean more servers too!
Not going to continue this you get the idea...


  1. "Not going to continue this you get the idea..."

    LOL, Classic!

    My maths must be better than I thought, otherwise why does this equation seem to tally up for so many CIOs!? ;-)

    Oh, and you forgot to mention the need for a 64bit Windows OS! ;-)

  2. Well, yes there was that little bit I forgot, but I think many would realize that one, but I was remiss.
    The problem is this usually works for small businesses, larger businesses don't care about price, its just about politics or "what can I change so my resume has a big project on it" :-0