Thursday, August 2, 2007

Yep, them guys are at it again

Always comes down to Microsoft and Lotus. In a discussion today about Blackberry's BES, again comes the "it's just email right" lines. Yeah, it's just email and really that hyundai tiburon is just like a Hummer.(apologies to both owners)
What makes Exchange unique? Well, it just does email, period. And well, some would say.

But it doesn't play nice with others OF ITS OWN KIND. Mix and match version? Fogedaboudit!
AD will make life better (well, sort of, BUT we did have to update all our servers at one time to the new version of 2003).
Go to Exchange 2003, it will fix your problems, ahem, well we meant 2007.
What and change my harwdare and my software and right I now need to also update my AD and then the backups and you still can't cluster multiple types of hardware?

Domino, aside from some peculiarities in lotyuscripts and code pieces talks nicely across the board, the same app you wrote for R3 runs in R8, but it looks like crap probably too, if it doesn't call Lotus now and ask for Mary Beth Raven!

Sure there are issues with Lotus versions, some were not as cooked as we would like, but nothing ever made us change our hardware, directory structure, cluster or backup solutions.

I know, you heard this a million times, but I just can't figure out how I keep running into these discussions so often.

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