Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Honey, Domino Really Does Save Space

What can it do for our garage?

While doing some testing of migrating a CIO's email from Microsoft Outlook 2007 to Lotus Notes we took a 190MB PST file and after it moved to a mail file it was now.....77MB.

A 60% saving in disk space and this is before DAOS or anything else has been done to the file.

We know there is a hardware multiplier if one leaves Domino to go to Microsoft Exchange of between 2-3 (sometimes more) times as many boxes are needed to sustain the equivalent in Exchange that ran under Lotus Domino.

You can add disk space bloat as well. Imagine having to double your SAN on top of all your other expenses of the migration.

It never ends does it.

Edit 7/28 9:50am - I ran compact on the PST, it now has shrunk to 165MB. Domino still uses over 50% less disk space to store the same data as Exchange. I will get before and after data from more people as we work on them to see if this is consistent or not.