Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Next Week at Engage, Let's Talk About...

Engage is back, after last year's excellent event in Rotterdam, at the SS Rotterdam and my personal highlight, The Pinball Museum, Theo brings us to Brussels to AutoWorld.

I arrive Sunday and stay until Thursday so I am rested up for the event.

I will be looking for the mythical export only Corvette, a few exist, but I digress.

Naturally everyone wants to hear and see from the HCL team what is coming and how the new world will look in a few months. Hint, Yellow is big, HUGE, again.

For the rest of us, business as usual, we have customers, clients and management executives that need help, now, and with that in mind, I have been given the chance to present two sessions aimed at those of you in support or in need of some winning strategies to keep your Domino network.

On Tuesday 1:30-2:30 pm I will present, User Complaints and How to Deal With Them

I have put together a list/chart of the most common complaints and how to handle them. While you may scoff, in watching enough customers hep desk teams upset customers even more, maybe this session is what you need to see, hear and do more of. Just sayin'.

On Wednesday 2-2:30 pm I will present, Shout It out Loud

Guerilla marketing strategies for you to use against your incoming management and immediate manager, especially around annual reviews and "why do we use this Notes thing" commonly said by incoming executives. Theo suggested I provide tequila to encourage attendance, I prefer to think if you like your job, and want to keep it, you will show up. Let me know which is more important in the comments or via social media.

As always I will be available for anyone that wants to have discussions about admin things or how to compete against Microsoft, Google, and SalesForce or if you prefer how to integrate everyone.

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