Friday, July 18, 2014

Job Hunting Time

As of a few days ago I am newly available.

A free agent on the scene looking for a company to call home.

Sure I'd love to restore an old corvette or another pinball machine, but not enough money in those hobbies for the average person with a family.

What I can do is restore customer service departments or service delivery organizations to award level status.

Over the last year and a half, I was managing the delivery of services for over 500,000 people, prior to taking on the role of Director of Marketing with the same organization.

While managing the group, we began to document everything, we discussed managing their time and meetings properly, reporting to both the customer, and ourselves, when something was amiss, and have a little time left over for some skunk works projects.

I was empowering my worldwide team to let them police their own work and provide proper documentation across all projects. The real test was if I could complete their task if, God forbid, they were hit by a bus. Luckily, I never had to do this, but many times the details were available when we needed to report on the data.

Once I felt I had completed my efforts, I wanted a harder challenge, marketing was that challenge. Although I laid out quite a plan, had 2 months of blog posts planned, analysts lined up and bloggers ready to go, it was not to be at this juncture.

And so my friends, I am searching for a new role. A role that lets me do what I do best, solve problems, restore services to a golden age when service to a customer meant something to them, and us. Along the way providing social media content for my staff and company to get found and recognized as a great team is just an added benefit.

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