Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Job Found, Blogging Helps

Happy to say I will be working with The RockTeam as their Professional Services Manager. Continuing on with the YellowBubble and the collaboration space that I enjoy.

Best thing about it, I get to work with a few friends and meet some new ones. And be social again.

Blogging Helped
The few days in between posting about looking for work and finding it was made easier when one friend, Arif, connected me with Doug who had just posted the position.

Timing is indeed everything.

It is very hard to hunt for a new job while you have one, especially for someone like me with about 10,000 connections across the spectrum.  Just want you want, your boss to find out you want to leave. My discussions with Luis Suarez (@elsua) about this were interesting. Luis believes, and in a perfect world I agree, one should be able to talk to their manager and work out a better role for themselves. This does not always work out for everyone.

But once free, and you push out some notifications, people want to help you. Friends forwarded my blog post to hiring managers, shared it on Facebook and G+. As with many things, you only need one to work out and that is what happened.

Look for new blog posts from me over the next few months.

For those in similar situations, remember, your network is much larger than you think it is.
Linkedin claims my reach is 21 Million people.
I should be that busy with clients.
You get the idea, go find the new role.

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