Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Got all your DUCS in a Row?

This was a draft of a post which for whatever reason I never published. Might be useful to someone out there. DUCS was discontinued but if anyone needs some legacy help....

Don't know what DUCS is?

Domino Unified Communication Services (DUCS)

This has dragged on for 3 days now while I wait on the Cisco BP to figure out what Lotus Domino and Sametime are all about.

Poor guy never seen one before, Domino server that is. Wish clients would ask us before doing these silly things, we could have pointed them to the new Lotus Foundations Reach solution.

So I set up LDAP and Sametime Standard for him and figure my work is done.

Well, 3 days later I had to do it all over again since we couldn't get Cisco's Call Manager to work.

Suddenly all starts working. In either event it has been an education to me on something which is rarely seen or used in the open.

What have we learned? Plugins require extra work upfront, but no work afterwards, except when updating them of course.

Haven't installed plugins? Can't see the Install? Follow this Wiki:
Learning Plug-In for IBM Lotus Notes - New and improved installation! Oh and the Lotus Learning pieces are great stuff too!

WebSites for your benefit because this stuff is hard to find:
You may have to register at Cisco's website to download some of this.
Unfortunately the plugin files are not free to download unless you have a contract with Cisco. So much for planning ahead.

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Messaging with IBM Lotus Sametime Release 7.1(1)

Install and Upgrade Guides of PDF's (Note: This really about the plugins and NOT Call Manager but helpful anyway)

Securing LDAP Directory Integration with Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x

Troubleshooting DUCS (this may be the older version)

Configuration Guides

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