Thursday, March 21, 2013

30 Minutes to Upgrade to IBM Notes & Domino 9

This morning, like so many others, I downloaded a few GB of code so we could install and upgrade our server and clients to IBM Notes and Domino 9.

Along the way, also had to grab Traveler, Swiftfile 4.2 (Oh I missed you during beta!), Install SHield tuner (No changes in it, but always like to have it), readme file, MAC client, 2 different Linux clients, Multiple server codes and the OpenSocial Extensions piece too.

This is a P4 with 2GB RAM and handles a bunch of websites, blog links, internal Sametime, Traveler plus multiple directories and at one time also Quickr, since moved to a different server.

First thing you realize is Notes is much faster than it appeared previously. Every version gets that much better.

Love the multiple color schemes for calendars and as posted previously, enjoy having secondary languages in my contacts list.

Speaking of contacts there is now a duplication option. Under the More toolbar option when you have Contacts open is a "Remove Duplicates" option.
Remove Duplicate Contacts and then  shows this window, because you may be worried...
Duplicate Contacts Backup
For you to safely maintain the duplicates, just in case, because you know, you don't trust these computers anyway.

For those that want newest mails on top, or on bottom, that preference setting is found in the Preferences-Mail-last option at the bottom of the page, you may need to scroll down to see it. Looks like this:

Domino side there is a warning to Upgrade your Directory, you have been warned. So if you do not say Yes or No, you will be waiting a while.

So many new things to look at and watch. I like the checks it ran against Domino during install. Nice little warnings I saw too, pays to watch your console, doesn't it?

03/21/2013 10:21:52 AM  Lotus Traveler: WARNING *system Status change from Green
 to Yellow: Disk space for C:\Lotus\Domino\data has 5 percent free.
iNotes Init: Credential Store Configuration not enabled, less secure mode. 
03/21/2013 10:26:36 AM  HTTP JVM: 14797 [Traveler-InitConfig-a24] WARN  - Notes
Traveler server will use which may not be the correct address for
your environment.
03/21/2013 10:26:36 AM  HTTP JVM: 14813 [Traveler-InitConfig-a24] WARN  - Please
 configure NTS_HOST_IP_ADDR in notes.ini to specify the correct host address to
Notes Browser Plugin works only with Windows (I believe) and is installed when you install the Notes client. Try it by typing notes:home in the browser. (NOTE: Notes client should NOT be running. also you will need to logout or close the browser to start notes again)
You get prompted for a login/password and poof, just like you would be in a notes client. EVEN YOUR WORKSPACE!

My home page links are there, click right to everything and within a browser, who needs a Notes client now? No doubt more will be written on this benefit from any angles.

I have not configured the Open Social Components yet, sorry, those too will be forthcoming in a post.

Some simple and great things to see, play with and that upgrading is not as bad as people say it is. Just remember to test it all first, before you do anything to break your environment and it's special needs.

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