Friday, August 17, 2012

Still think Twitter is wasting your employees time?

Yesterday I hit 20,000 tweets sent. Not a record by far, but an impressive number which may imply to certain individuals that one wastes their time with this social media stuff. I can see the execs lining up already to point out what a waste of time.
Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we can now roughly estimate the time I spent tweeting.
To be fair any 3rd grader could as well. I will stop while some of you go ask a 3rd grader. 

What made this really nice was the website which provides a rather humorous view of what you could have been doing instead of your tweeting.

And if you know how long you have been on Twitter do the math and see how many tweets you send a day. Forgot when you joined twitter? Go over to and they will help you.

Putting it all together I sent an average of 12 tweets a day since joining Twitter back in 2008.
Here was what had to say about my time tweeting:
Working to an average of 15 seconds a tweet (which is probably a bit longer than
those quick @ replies and a bit shorter than something you'd think about)...
You've spent about 3 days, 11 hours and 24 minutes of your life sending tweets.
Yep, your 20016 tweets mean you've tweeted 159% more than the average person who's visited this site.
In fact, had you not been wasting your time tweeting, you could have
flown between London and New York 10 times, then boiled a perfect egg (runny in the middle) 134 times and STILL have 2 minutes left over!
Also, had you earned as much money as Tiger Woods did last year,
in the time you spent sending tweets you would have banked about $1,000,800.
Pretty good work, if you can get it.
Factor in that for my roughly 11 work days in 4+ years spent "wasting my time" I added quite a few projects, was interviewed for numerous websites, podcasts, books and articles, connected with people to present at various conferences and asked to co-author a book and so much more. Not bad.

So the answer to all that goofing off is, what goofing off, I'm making money for the company.

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