Thursday, August 9, 2012

Got a Server ID File starting with a U?

I admit this one was unknown to me. But you learn something new every day.

Evidently Sametime Servers, since version 3.1, can be affected by this XML lookup issue involving, in this case, a server ID file name, brought to my attention by someone doing testing of Sametime.

Per the Technote #1141238:
In this case, there was a path in the notes.ini file that contained the Escape character sequence for a unicode character in XML. The escape sequence is \u and is used to denote an escaped unicode character. Any path in the notes.ini with a "\u" can cause this failure.
The Sametime server fails to initialize the Sametime Configuration Servlet (SCS) and reports the following error on the server console:
    "Unable to get configuration object: Malformed \uxxxx encoding."
10:31:51 AM HTTP JVM: Error occurred while loading Servlet (scs)
10:31:52 AM HTTP JVM:
-----Servlet Information-----
Servlet name: scs
Servlet class: com.lotus.sametime.configuration.DominoConfigurationServlet
Servlet state:
Configuration parameters: ServletURL=scs 
 What we found was the Domino server name was USsteel (Edited: This is not from US Steel I am only using the name as an example). So naturally the ID file was called Since this was a Windows machine, the ServerKeyFileName field showed d:\lotus\domino\data\

Changing the ID file to and editing the appropriate references in the server notes.ini resolved it and all was good again.

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