Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Idea: Troubleshooting Lotus Products an 8 Part Series

Ben asked for suggestions, so here is mine.
If you think it has any merit, vote for it over at

The problem is this could be a tome, but maybe it will be done in 8 parts.
1) Notes
2) iNotes
3) Domino
4) Quickr D/J
5) Sametime
6) Connections
7) Portal
edited after Bens comments to include:
8) LotusLive
Start with the obvious issues, move to more extensive problems that deal with iNotes integration, SSL, SSO and more.
A true collbaorative effort as one person can not do it all, but this is what is on my mind.
Admins have the info centers, wikis and blog posts, so do people in the field, but yet many people out there do not trust blogs, believe it or not, but they do trust content in books.

This will be a series of books on troubleshooting different products, possibly in some cases like Notes and Domino have separate volumes just on Install tuner, Calendaring and Scheduling, DAOS, ID maintenance, SSL, SSO etc..

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