Thursday, December 16, 2010

Avoiding the RVTSCAN error after preload in 852

When I last posted about this, I had tried some various items but nothing got rid of the message.

fun since 8.x it appears
Until yesterday when I was directed to a recent Technote from IBM that elaborates on the Preloader option.

There is an IBM Technote # 1424193 ​on the preloader which is what is causing this to appear.

In it they discuss adding another exclusion to one's anti-virus. In my case my personal machine uses Avast and I had this problem.

If you make AntiVirus/AV exceptions at the EXE level (for example. NOTES2.EXE, NLNOTES.EXE or NTASKLDR.EXE), then you should consider adding NNTSPRELD.EXE to that same exception list.

However, if exceptions are made at the directory or file level, the preloader acts on the same set of files as the Notes client when it starts.

If you make exceptions for specific EXEs to run, then the NNTSPRELD.EXE should be included in those exceptions.

The NNTSPRELD.EXE runs with user privileges, in the same manner as the NLNOTES.EXE process.

No longer a problem.

After adding the exclusion items I no longer receive the error pop up message.

Edited addition:
There were 2 more things I did which may have helped, so here you go:
1) Found in one of the laptop logins when I went into MSConfig(Start-Run-msconfig go to Startup tab) and the startup items saw a second preloader. Disabled it, but left the other one to run.
2)Follow this ehow page, which suggests clearing some references which maybe should not still be in use. Runs the wbemtest which until I read the page I had never used.

Your Mileage May Vary but good luck

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