Monday, September 13, 2010

Wowed by Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2

I don't get excited by much but Traveler just keeps amazing me.

8.5.2 brought some excellent changes, for those of us non-iPhone users especially.

Get the full low down from here from the Notes and Domino Wiki.

Yes my windows Mobile device finally gets Corporate lookups but so much more.

We now have a pet peeve of mine, version numbers on the website download page and on the device in multiple places!
LOOK, version number for lotus notes traveler

And this from Ulrich which basically, once you get to 8.5.2, allows for automatic updates to traveler if you set the option to do so! Perfect. Now if the same thing can be done for Quickr connectors, Sametime clients and Notes clients without any other effort from the admins. well one can dream.

One can also set various rates of synchronization, disable if roaming, reverse proxy is now easier as well.

So if you are still pondering about upgrading your server, this is key, not just for iPhones/iPads but Nokia, Windows Mobile, Android(in beta currently, can't say more publicly).

We also have 3 icons now for Traveler:

Traveler Lookup - For Corporate NAB/Directories...finally for non-iPhones
Lotus Installer - where much of what I pointed out above takes place or is configured
Lotus Traveler - same old icon with some slight tweaks to its settings.

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