Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today we sold....updated version

LotusLive Engage and Notes.

It's an interesting idea of Vaughan's to do this.

Who's next?

Edited 9:30am:

After reading Stuart's post I agree, some detail is in order.

The client wanted:
  1. To not have in house IT staff handling their email(we will manage it in the short term until their AA's can handle it)
  2. They wanted online meetings, many and the infrastructure costs for Sametime 8.5 put them off
  3. Secure file sharing(We may yet put in Quickr if they need more depth)
  4. Always up email(we presume Lotuslive will always be up)
  5. Smaller price to pay monthly on their whole order versus buying licenses, servers, hardware etc
  6. Quick and easy migration from their "free email that is painful" and they use Outlook Express to POP it right now

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  1. Pleased to hear about someone else's success with Lotus Notes.