Monday, June 28, 2010

ID Registration via text file

Read on to download the spreadsheet.

If you never did this, this might be enlightening. If you have, I can understand why you might not choose to do it this way.

ID Vault is not running at this client. So I am not covering it in this post. Maybe next time.

It is fairly easy, once you get the spreadsheet file setup properly. More on that in a minute. Just follow these directions.

EDITED April 2014 because Info Centers no longer exist, follow these instructions:

EDITED October 2021 because it all belongs to HCL now and the other 2 links do not exist any longer.

Basically, you create a spreadsheet usually then copy and paste it into a text file, which must conform to a set amount of items and semicolons. This in itself is the most time-consuming part.

Edited April 2014: In windows 7/8 you may see extra space after you copy the text to notepad. the easiest way to clear it is using Find/Replace by copying the "space" that you find being added in the notepad version and replacing it with nothing. Do not put a space there or anything, just the find should have the copied space.
And you will be good to go.

But fear not dear readers, I have created a spreadsheet for you to work with and it can be found over here or here for an ODS version.

Open it up and you will see about 40 columns with header explanations and an example in row 2 for each column.

The ones marked Placeholder are for the semi-colons which MUST be after each entry or instead of an entry.

However, quite a few items are left out of the options requiring one to still manually add or change a few items. These are listed on the page referenced above but here is that list:

* Registration Server
* Password Quality Scale
* Set Internet password
* Internet address
* Internet Domain
* Format
* Mail server
* Mail file template
* Mail system
* Mail file name
* Mail file owner access
* Set database quota
* Set warning threshold
* Certifier ID
* Security type
* Certificate expiration date
* Store user ID in Domino Directory or File
* Add users to selected groups
* Local administrator
* Add Windows User Accounts

Also, note the expiration date for IDs should be changed here if you like to provide a bit of longer-term ID life.

You must open your Admin client, then go to Register person to bring up the sub-menus. at the submenu, click on advanced and the rest of the options appear.

Edit them PRIOR to importing the text file or one would need to edit every single person getting registered.

Word of warning, use a test user as a one-off text file reg and check everything is as you want it BEFORE loading that 3,000 user list.

Enter details as needed in each column. Remember, each item requires a ; after the text or if no text a ; just to get to the next field properly.

This was to do about 100 people and I couldn't find a previous version I made so this way I figured I would never lose it again.

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