Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steppenwolf Fans look inside Sametime 8.5

By now we are all used to seeing odd error messages and funny snippets of code, but this one was fun to find this morning, although I believe it existed previously.

John Kay and Steppenwolf had a song, Magic Carpet Ride and well evidently there is a magic carpet ride in Lotus Sametime 8.5. IF only there was an Easter Egg to go with this, would love to see it.

While customizing the set up of a new Lotus Sametime 8.5 connect clients for download I came across this line in the plugin_customization.ini.

# the number of magic carpet worker threads available to dispatch events

So there you have it, 3 magic cartpet rides per person? 3 magic carpet workers? Or is it the carpet is only made of 3 threads?

Maybe it's a nod to where Lotusphere is but if it comes with this Genie voiced by him, I'll take it.

EDIT Update: Matthew Perrins, Executive IT Specialist,IBM Software, on Twitter related this about the magic carpet:
That came from the internal SWT version of Sametime client I love the name of that API. have programmed it a few times. It's the API that you use when subscribing to sametime conversations so if you are writing add ons you get notified. Thanks!

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  1. Nice one, Keith, although my favourite Steppenwolf track has always been "Born to be Mild" ( or is that just my personal motto ? )