Friday, December 21, 2007

Lotus Sametime 8 THE Mobile IM Standard

If you have not done it yet, get Lotus Sametime 8 installed because if ntohign else, the only thing you want is the mobile client.
It's light years faster then the 7.5.1 version(logging in only took a few seconds, a huge advance over what seemed to be an eternity or about a minute on 7.5.1), with some better UI enhancements which make it all the more useful.
I have not set up all of the options yet but so far it just ROCKS!

One caveat, when installing it from your website( is if you have a

Windows Mobile device, be careful which option you choose.
Although I have a Windows smartphone from At&T, the HTC 8125 the proper option would seem logical to me to be Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard(no idea what Standard refers to here). I tried fruitlessly to get it to work and then decided to try the other option, Windows Mobile PocketPC/Professional (again what does Professional refer?).
This time it worked 123 and in a few seconds I was IMing my office buddies(note to self and Lotus, it owuld be nice if the mobile client could login to ALL of my communities like the full connect client, not just one).
Then once you have it running, setup your location, call back info, auto response if you prefer.

The look of the UI can bemade smaller or larger for the text type.

It woiuld be nice if the location page did not get cut off under the horizon of the phone window, but I managed somehow to getthe right info into the unseen box. You can see the title of the box, phone number, but can not actually touch the box.

This is going to make Lotusphere much easier for people in sessions so they don't have to take calls while listening.
And in my case when I am in the car and clients want me I am now available even when not at my desk. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Bottom line, if you do not have Sametime you are limiting yourself and your company from being more productive and if you have Sametime but did not update to even 7.5.1 yet(you should since otherwise you are not DST compatible 2 times a year for a week at a time) go download ST8 and update your environment.

I updated 8 servers this week to Domino R8 so could you.

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