Thursday, December 27, 2007

177 days of a Domino Server in Production?

Not likely the longest running server, by far, but I did manage to get a screenshot of a Lotus Domino server I updated recently before it was brought down for maintenance to install and upgrade to Domino r8.

177 days! Almost 6 months since it last came down.

This was the main web server too. I love it but who has a longer time frame? We shouldn't because we should be updating it on quarterly releases but still, solid as a rock.

Any Exchange people out there got one like this?


  1. Will 402 days on a Win 2000 server do?

    Not a very busy server to be honest, but still. And actually it was running a few days more before we had to shut it down to move it to another location, but i didn't get a screenshot of it at that time.

  2. Very cool. The question now is, if you were keeping up to date with releases, what should the normal timeframe be for up time, 90-120 days at a stretch?

  3. Hope you didn't get the impression i meant an Exchange server :-) This server was not on the net, so we didn't care too much about updating it. If you go with the maintenance releases - wich we usually do with our other servers - a timeframe of somewhere around 150-180 days would be normal for a Domino server i guess. But then if you are on a Windows platform and you go with the regular security updates - wich seem to come in at a somewhat higher pace to put it mildly - the normal timeframe for either Exchange or Domino would be pretty much the same: somewhere around 30 days...