Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm Back in the Saddle Again!

Recovering from sleepless nights and the baby, but the day job keeps me going.
Stay on top of it all and don't let them drag you down.
So on with some new stuff.

Microsoft is Clueless and their COO admits it!

If you read Ed Brill's blog, and you should, you will have seen by now or within a day 2 postings.

First is the article from Michael Vizard which you can read here:

"Within the land of IT, nothing is a bigger pain to own, manage and run than Microsoft Exchange. Everywhere you go customers have horror stories about the installation, maintenance and, above all, uptime of their Microsoft Exchange implementations. "

The 2nd article is an interview with Kevin Turner COO at MS he says:
"If at times Microsoft has seemed vague in describing its software plus services initiative and the Live application strategy, it's because the company simply hasn't completely figured them out yet. "
Read more of the 3 part interview here:§ion=&site=7

So how do your clients feel when you walk into the room and show them these articles? Or email them to them?
If they don't know about this madness they will still love MS!
Save the world one client at a time.

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