Monday, September 24, 2007

Groups were meant for forming

Linkedin is now accepting invitations for groups. I have requested one for Lotus Professionals.
Figured might as well try to expand our horizon right?

I like it, created a Yahoo! group for it. Why not a Quickplace?
well there are some issues on my side(hosting, equipment, space, resources) and Yahoo! just makes it easy as pie. I would like to move it and other groups to Quickr and am working on building a box with it on it.

But this item is about evangelising other ways to communicate. So I am branching out to other spaces. Will I do a facebook entry(a bunch already exist so no). Myspace? Not likely either.
Second Life? Only if I get more than 25 people asking for it. I have yet to find 25 people who use it.
I have an avatar in world and it is stuck at the Lotus compound :-)
Got the shirt too, in world.

So please let me know where/what else can i do to promote/grow Lotus Evangelism from your perpsective.

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