Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sorry about that Calendar Invite

Those who received it were probably quite puzzled.

I know I was, especially since it went out from my personal email and not my corporate one.

While it set off all kinds of amusing emails in response, a number of things happened within a close proximity to each other and we are trying to work out what caused it. Especially since I was not logged into Notes or Gmail at the time of the incident.

No I don't have an iPad or iPhone or Android device but am using 852 traveler(Windows Mobile) and template.

What I did find was a iCal overlay of a Gmail account which I use for demos that seems to have sucked in a calendar appointment that should not have gone there.

We continue to investigate the situation because coincidentally I lost all 5,216 contacts from my phone. Not from Notes or iNotes just my phone. Had to reinstall Traveler to fix it.