Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What apps should there be?

Work the Web

The problem with having a template for an application out of the box is you can't code one thing for everyone.

Take the guys in sales, if it isn't a one button wonder, they don't use it.

Take the team walking the street or knocking on doors, they need simple apps which are predefined with a lot of information.

How about insurance people? Notorious for being anti-technology the younger generation gets it and uses it, the older ones still don't understand me when I ask for a quote for health insurance showing multiple options and pricing, etc..

Car sales people? The shiny new toy is meaningless if it won't help sell a car.

Years ago I asked a room full of bankers where my mortgage application is online for me to do via cell phone. None were available then, today, some are.

Times change, applications change too, as do the way they interact with people and how people want to interact with them.

So if you had to define a list of new applications to sell people on for Domino, and Connections actually is a great app, what apps should there be?

The problem is, in some cases, the same apps we have seen and used, are still what people need. Yes, they want them on their phones or web based but maybe that is what this is all about. Work the Web.

Then again, maybe not, maybe it's about having a more interactive business application with a consumer function? Every customer has their own ideas.

I don't see or hear about free Websphere applications, yet it sells fine without them.