Thursday, November 3, 2022

SnTT - Which Database has an FTI?

Earlier this year, Martin Vogel and I gave a session at Engage titled "Teaching Young and Old Dogs New  Tricks: Notes & Domino Shortcuts You Wish You Knew," It was a great session with a filled capacity of the room.

But I was neglectful; I had planned to post some essential tips in my blog at the time but did not get to it. I will try to make up for it over the next few weeks.

The first one that not everyone may know about is how to find out which databases have a FTI, Full Text Index.

Here is the scenario:

You are asked to build new servers for your customer or organization and while looking at the old server, notice some indexing on some databases. This causes you to think, how do I find out which databases have an FTI so they can be rebuilt on the new server?

Good question, right?

I will first provide an answer for anyone not on R12 and then post the R12 way.

Pre R12 FTI Details for any given Database

  1. Open the catalog.ntf in the designer client
  2. Open the Views List
  3. Edit the Applications\by Server view
  4. Insert a column where you want it, and name it FT Index
  5. Change the field for this new column to DbFullTextIndexed
  6. Set the column to sort both ways
  7. Save your changes
  8. Replace the design of your catalog.nsf

NOTE: This presumes all your databases are set to show in the catalog.nsf, so not 100% foolproof

The R12 way to see FTI Details for all Databases on Your Server

Open the Administrator client
Go to the Files tab
Click on File-Preferences-Administration Preferences
Select the Files Tab
Add the FT Index (see screenshot below, FT Index is the last one in the list)
Reorder the column location, or it may end up in the 27th column
Restart the Administrator client to see the change

If you need it, you can copy and paste the full view into Excel if that helps you track what you are doing.

Pretty cool if you ask me that this got added in R12. I had asked for it in an Aha request, and it got done, so Aha is listened to by HCL, here is the link to that request:

It was the first item added to the column list since before R9 at least.


  1. While it's nice, it could be better: How about showing the size of the FTI. BTW: Any size bigger that 4 Gig is shown as 4 Gig. The Notes Infobox seems not to be able to show larger sizes! So for next year, I'd like to see these problems need to be addressed!

    1. For my needs this is enough, size matters but we all have disk space. Did you report the 4gb limit as a bug and see if HCL corrects it?