Thursday, December 16, 2021

Crazy 2021 Ending, The Streak Continues as an HCL Ambassador

The last 2 years have been brutal in many ways, and honestly, after my efforts with #HCLAmbassadorTips in 2020, 2021 for me was relatively quiet.

But HCL has deemed me worthy of continuing as an HCL Ambassador, now going on 9 years in a row, including the prior years as an IBM Champion.

Maybe I did something right for my clients, or I did something wrong, and no one complained. Yeah, I did blow some stuff up by accident at a client, but not like what I did in my first real IT gig. 

Maybe my sessions at the various events in 2021 were so awesome they had to make me an ambassador again. Then again, I doubt the 10-50 of you that showed up are on the voting committee. The rest of you that did not appear, that's ok, I was zoomed out already in 2020. Beers for all of us at Engage, I hope.

The long tail of those sessions, however, is massive.

And that is what HCL expects from its Ambassadors. To provide content, help, support others and find ways to assist the community and worldwide customer base.

Some of my slides posted this year have over 500 views. I wish I knew why so I could repeat it again in 2022.

Likewise, some blog posts about the topics I presented this past year are over 3,000 hits which for my blog, given how often I write these days, is pretty impressive.

So what will I do in 2022?

I have no idea. My post from last year did not promise much in 2021 because I really was worn out from the 366 tips I posted.

But, for those who want to understand this Ambassador thing better, I point you to my post last year around this time of the year for how you can join in the fun.

I told my oldest daughter that I may start a TikTok Tips thing.

She is still laughing hours later.

I had some other ideas but nothing concrete enough to commit to writing.

Until then, congratulations to all of the HCL Ambassadors wherever you are in the world, and I hope to see you in 2022 someplace, some time.

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