Thursday, December 31, 2020

So, How Do I top 2020 in 2021?

Well, now what do I do?

366 #HCLAmbasaadorTips later, I need a new plan for 2021.

The daily thing is hard, especially when you have a day job, and this is your extra effort time.

It also infringed on my guitar playing sometimes.

I thought about a weekly or even biweekly course on Troubleshooting the HCL collab stack but realized that might take way more effort than I can give it.

Speaking with a few people, suggestions came up around podcasting, video blogging, and 1-minute videos, but nothing felt right.

I may go back to old school blog posts, maybe revamp the FudBuster Friday posts or maybe just spend my time on CI, competitive intelligence, which I enjoy, but I need to find the right nuance.

After 20 years, the problem is that it is hard to do something new, unique, or even worthwhile in this space.

Knowing we will not likely be seeing each other in person again this year does not help.

Someone the other day, I think jokingly, asked for more wallpapers and screen savers. Maybe I can do some wallpapers, but I have no idea how to do screen savers.

Maybe I will just make some more one-sided battle cards as that seemed to go well.

Or maybe I will design a Lotus Pinball machine, who knows.

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