Monday, October 5, 2020

Will 2021 Include You? Or me? As HCL Ambassadors

Please, in this time of need, I and the other HCL Ambassadors are asking you to stretch out your typing hand and give us one more effort.

No Zoom is required. Honest.

It has been a tough year for everyone, we lost 2 uncles, many people lost other relatives, friends lost jobs, companies closed, and yet, here we are, knocking on 2021 to let us be an HCL Ambassador.

What do we do, when we can't see people? When we can't speak at conferences in person? When we can barely get on a plane (where I am we are locked down, again).

Ambassadors go above and beyond their day jobs to do some of the following:

  • Bring light into the darkness when involved in competitive discussions
  • Save servers and applications from the misguided hands of users
  • Run online user group meetings with Zoom? No, Sametime Meetings!
  • They come up with ideas to help HCL get the word out better or offer up training ideas or just hold "open office" time to let people ask questions.
  • Write some tips, hint follow #HCLAmbassadorTips on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Produce some videos about solutions and products
  • Blog, tweet, or podcast not only in their native language, I did 3 languages this year, but many Ambassadors speak multiple languages, and they are awesome beyond imagination
  • Dream up ideas for "what if we could...."
  • Spent WAY too much time, unfortunately, saving many of us, and many of us saving our customers with their help, from the ahem Cloud divorce in July, I owe a few people drinks, if we ever get together again
  • Answer questions in Slack, Skype, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, HCL forums, and numerous other places and are not satisfied until some resolution is found
  • Help each other, to better help YOU our customers, after all, we are all global and some of us stretch most of the earth in our workday
I am sure your Notes/Domino/Sametime/Connections/Traveler/Verse/Volt/Nomad admins and developers do much of this too inside your organization, right?

Your job is to reward them, by nominating them, us, or me, so we can keep doing great things magically for you in 2021. 

Without our advanced warnings and meetings with HCL, we can't provide you with the full first-class service you have been enjoying. 

This is the biggest benefit that we gain by being Ambassadors, in my eyes and if you agree, please click on this link and nominate your SuperAdmin or SuperDeveloper.

Thank you for your support,
See you in 2021 in-person I hope at one of these which have gone virtual for 2020:
Collabsphere, Engage, SUTOL, C3UG, NCUG, SNoUG, RNUG, DNUG, Let's Connect and many others I am forgetting but might be local to you in your region.

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