Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Will I See You at Engage for my Session?

For the 3rd time in 3 years I will be presenting at the great Engage conference.

Together with 400 attendees, I will be one of the 38 HCL Masters speaking at the event.

This time I am extending even more Domino Administration fun culled from real life every day client headaches surprises by incorporating some LotusScript code and other bits of development to make your daily admin lives better, faster, easier so you can get to the free beer at Engage quicker.

Tuesday, March 3 13:30 - 14:30 Room G: Knoefzaal
Ad09. Domino Administration Wizardry - Dark Arts Class

Bring your wands(laptops) and let's create some magic (scripts, code) so you can go home a 1st class Wizard. 

ALL code discussed, and shown, will be made available in the slides so even if you are a nascent developer like me, you can do this too, no prior coding knowledge is required, but you will need the Designer Client for some items.

Go signup and attend this annual conference that leaves you wanting more every time. 
If you want need to graduate and need me to issue O.W.L Domino Certificates, let me know in the comments or via social media and I will see what Hermione can conjure up for you so you can prove your completed the course.

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