Wednesday, June 12, 2019

NCUG Wrap Up and NOMAD for Android Beta information

NCUG is over,  and it was a very good event run by Hogne and the NCUG team here in Stockholm.

They changed the name from ISBG, which was LSBG, in an effort to jump start the regional user group again. They also let us know next year it will be in Copenhagen in September 2020.

The customers that came out for the event were almost all on R10, or will be, and most of them run Connections as well.

A truly great feeling to be surrounded by them all and talk with them about what they have done and are looking to accomplish in the future.

My sessions were both filled and everyone, including myself, left them with new knowledge and that is what these events are all about, meeting people and sharing information.

Sharing with each other, not being in fear of people hearing what you have done but trying to encourage and help each other, is what separates us from the Microsoft minds of the world.

Just like what made me fall in love with Notes way back when in R2.

For me it was never about the applications or even the mail, it was about the freedom if information.

The freedom to share information with people.

At a time when green screens still ran your world and anything you wanted was 6 levels of authority just to get a file, Notes was what I thought corporate worlds would be like when I finally got to work in a real business.

Thank God for Ray, Mitch,and Jim for bringing it out.

Richard Jefts spoke at length about the future, the vision of more applications, why Sametime is so important and how R11 will be the first HCL Notes/Domino/Sametime version. Once the divorce is final with IBM we will learn more details about the future which will be Simple, Secure and Intuitive.

We received word of the imminent arrival of Sametime 10,Limited Use Edition and what is part of it all.

Uffe Sorensen made it clear R11 will not be out on 11/11 in case you wondered.

Opening up Domino further to other vendors like Cisco, Salesforce and ServiceNow will help us extend workflow applications to a new world and a new time.

The recent NOMAD(not  to be confused with the R7/8 Nomad of Notes on a USB) for running your applications on an iPad or iPhone was shown off and discussed by Theo Heselmans (IBM Lifetime Champion) of the great conference using his wine application. We also had the opportunity to get in on the beta for Android of ti which would make me happy as I am an Android user.

If you want to be a part of it as well, go to
EDIT: Fixed URL, sorry about the typo

Adam Gartenberg from IBM, but soon to be HCL discussed Connections, the future is bright, the future is different and it all goes back to redesigning the UX and UI along with numerous other ideas from the jams and aha requests.

HCL is listening, and they are doing or will be doing. Not everything can be done all at once.

There were some partner sessions, there was a session on setting up Docker, Connections sessions, a user adoption strategy session, case studies and live code examples. In short, a little bit of everything for everyone. And all sessions were well attended.

Congrats again to the NCUG team and hope to see you again soon.