Thursday, February 22, 2018

SnTT - Pieces you may need for IBM Notes 901 FixPack 10 Interim Fix 1

In the evening, when the day is done...

I tried to upgrade my IBM Notes client to 901FP10IF1 from FP8.

And as luck would have it, you just.can'

It breaks Sametime Embedded, it breaks the Connections plugins, it causes Milli Vanilli to win a Grammy. Okay, not everything can be blamed on the QA teams.

If you will be going down this path you will need the following, and Mac People there are updates for you as well.

These are on Support/FixCentral which you now need your subscriptions up to date to download. Links will connect to IBM but you will need to login to download the files.

This Technote explains about the plugin failure you will receive when you install the FP10IF1 and includes the direct link to Fix central.

MAC clients? 
Otherwise known as 901SHF886.dmg

These Plugins are on the IBM Greenhouse site which was supposed to be sunset but seems to still be alive so move quickly. Links directly to the pages.

Version: 5.5 February 1, 2018: An updated image has been posted with the following changes:
  • Support for IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP10 (on Windows)
  • Miscellaneous defect and customer PMR fixes
Version 18.2 (February 2018) update:  The latest release introduces the following:​
  • Miscellaneous defect and PMR fixes.
Version 18.2 (February 2018) update:  The latest release of the IBM Connections for Mac introduces the following:
  • Miscellaneous defect and PMR fixes

PS - I am unable to reconnect my plugins to the IBM Cloud, stay tuned for further updates or let me know if you know how to fix it. To be fair it did not login before I upgraded either.

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