Monday, January 12, 2015

4.3 Billion Emails in my Inbox

A few days ago I had posted some Tweets about my inbox being filled with some unreal amount of emails.

It was not:
a DoS attack
massive SPAM campaign
incorrect marketing blasts gone bad
large attendee confirmation for an upcoming conference

Actually I have no idea in the end what it was, but it was showing mails as far back as 2009.

I got this clip of the screenshot where you can see, what may well be a record for the largest inbox, just under 4.3 BILLION emails.

After some discussions, both hilariously funny and technical, the decision to uninstall the setup and try again fresh cleared the problem.

The moral of the story is, email is not dead, evidently my inbox controls it all, and an iPad with 16GB of storage space is enough to handle 4.3 Billion emails, or so it thought.

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