Monday, November 17, 2014

Questions are Free, Answers Cost Money

I had some discussions around presenting and training and my blog style over the last few days.

When preparing presentations, and blog posts, that are of a technical nature, there a few steps involved. The premise of the problem, some investigation work to solving it, testing the solutions then providing details around the one that worked. Many times I provide the question, and the answer, in order to help make other techies lives easier for them, when they run into the same problems.

When I write posts that are more business or marketing related, they tend not to have a definitive answer, although they do have specific questions or premises. It is my way of encouraging people to think about a topic and where possible provide some comments for discussion.

When I am with customers, or reply to email or Twitter queries, I try to provide more questions, in addition to more possible routes to conclusions. Perhaps this limits my monetary gains at times, however, over time, it has provided me with many opportunities to guest blog, write a book, speak at new conferences and more importantly bring me new clients.

Every company you work with is a different experience. Every country you are doing business in is not like your home country. Not everyone will come up and talk to you directly, or ask questions, or even let you know you were any good. You need to make yourself more available, more approachable, more vulnerable perhaps, in order to reach the next stage of your business discussions.

People do not change, we can't really turn you into a collaborative or social person, especially if you do not want to do so. However, we can broaden your horizons, if you are open enough to the ideas we are sharing, to find a better way to work and interact with your employees, your customers and your boss.

There is no perfect way, no silver bullet, or magic dust to help companies become more social and collaborative. Each person, team, group needs to be prepared through discussions and training. There are serious compliance and security issues to be addressed and these can not be answered simply. Our efforts to work with clients to expand their horizons and plan for a better way to work takes months of effort and we are here to help you.... if you are ready for it.

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