Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Update on Advertising Age and their Lack of IT

I decided to follow up with AdAge by calling the number shown on the cover to renew my subscription.
As previously posted something is very "old school" at Advertising Age or else it is deeper than this.

The person on the phone said that my number was a subscriber number but an unverified one. Okay, I asked, how do I verify it since it was moved over from the sister magazine BtoB? She could not tell me. She also could not look me up further to validate any of my information, yet she could see me with my subscriber number.

How many other subscribers have called on them to renew and been sent on this run around? Hopefully AdAge is not paying per call for the person answering, they are paying per call as it is an 877 number.

The person on the phone suggested that I need to fill in all of the "tell us about your job" bits and my email and sign it and mail back the postcard. See the previous post about my thought on that.

So there you have it, one of the leading advertising magazines, not able to advertise for themselves and not able to manage simple CRM or subscription services. However, on the bright side they are keeping the USPS in business and making sure they keep the mail and call centers employed.

Hopefully my postcard arrives at the designated place. I wondered about this stuff 2 decades ago, at least i could fax it then. I guess they gave up on faxes, they are all for saving trees.

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