Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Want Tabasco with that Bruce?

Many years ago on a Lotusphere exhibition hall floor at a pedestal for OpenNTF or TheView, I met this crazy guy who gave me a mini bottle of Tabasco and told me he had the special sauce.

He was right, I just had no idea who he was at the time.

Little did I know just how busy Bruce Elgort was then and always is.

We spoke different languages, I speak Adminese and he spoke Developese but we shared at least one thing in common, our love of Notes and Domino and the experience our employees and clients should have, and receive, from us.

That discussion continues today and in general whenever we speak, skype, chat or when he visits in Boca. (I promise Gayle less shop talk next time).

Here's to the man that always stops bitching and gets doing!

No doubt he reminds his students of this all the time.

Thanks for everything over the years, and occasional Skype chats that remind me to just do more.

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