Monday, February 18, 2013

IBM Connections Videos for User Adoption

Saw this and wanted to make sure others know about it.

These are videos from IBM that outline each part of IBM Connections. If you are looking into Connections or trying to explain it for people this may help outline the functionality found in each section.

These have been useful for people just getting to use the product understand all the ways they can utilize the options.

Activities -
Activities allow you to organize your team's work around project tasks. Creating an activity is a useful way to share information and resources, assign and track to-do items, post team information, and organize meetings. You can add new members to an activity at any time, allowing you to quickly pull together the resources you need for a project.

Blogs -
Blogs are online journals that you can use to share information with the rest of your organization. A blog is a great way to communicate your latest news and views in an efficient, dynamic style. By posting regular entries on a specific subject or theme, you can make sure people are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in a particular area.

Bookmarks -
Use Bookmarks to store and retrieve bookmarked Web links from a central space. You can share some or all of your bookmarks. You can also see other people's bookmark collections, giving you the means to connect with people who have similar interests or the expertise you need.

Communities -
A community is a group of people who share a common interest. Communities provide an excellent way to connect members of a team and help them to stay in touch and share information. Communities can be public or restricted, allowing community owners to control who can join the community and access community content.

Files -
Files offer a convenient way to upload and store files in a central repository. You can share uploaded files with selected people, giving you the means to collaborate on content without having to send large files through email. You can also like and comment on files, organize files using folders, and track different versions of files.

Forums -
A forum is an online discussion board with a focus on a particular topic or theme. You can participate in a forum by posting questions or responding to existing discussion threads. Want to find the solution to a problem that's been blocking you? Forums are a great way to brainstorm ideas, gather feedback, and leverage the expertise of others.

Profiles -
Profiles is a directory of the people in your organization that allows you to find and connect with the right people fast. You can search for people based on their contact information, background, or expertise. Let people know who you are by filling out your own profile. Build up your own set of contacts by adding people to your network.

Wikis -
A wiki is a collection of web pages about a particular topic. Wikis are a great way to share information centrally and encourage collaboration within your project team.  Wiki members can add their own pages, and edit and comment on existing pages, thereby ensuring that information is always kept up-to-date.


  1. FYI: All these are linked from the Getting Started section of Homepage in IBM Connections.

  2. Brian, Yes that is true, but if you do not have Connections yet, this helps you find out more.