Friday, September 14, 2012

IBM Cognos and IBM Connections 4 Install hint #1

After my new found love in IBM Cognos, I decided to take a stab at getting it configured.

Not such a difficult task, yet, one or two things really killed me, so if you get these, here is some help.

Read the documentation, honestly, it helps.

BUT even documentation can not help you when your brain is too tired to pay attention.

Once you get to the step about running the cognos-setup.bat file and editing the cognos-setup-properties file, you may experience this error when you review your cognos-setup.log file:

Using Cognos setup properties file: C:\Installs\conex4\IBM_Connections_Install\Cognos\CognosConfig\
Performing validation check ...
JAR file(s) found in JDBC driver directory:
was.install.path: WebSphere Application Server exists
Checking existence of profile: AppSrv01
Using profile: AppSrv01 Found node [betaboxNode01]
cognos.biserver.issetup: Will use issetup.exe to install Cognos BI Server
C:\Installs\conex4\Cognos 10.1.1\BI\winx64h\issetup.exe
cognos.transformer.issetup: Will use issetup.exe to install Cognos Transformer
C:\Installs\conex4\Cognos 10.1.1\bimodel_win32_10.1.1_ml\win32\issetup.exe
Using cognos.locale: EN
All properties provided for Cognos database
All properties provided for Metrics database
Failed to connect to Cognos content store DB. Error: [jcc][t4][2043][11550][3.63.75] Exception Error opening socket to server on port 446 with message: Connection refused: connect. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08001
Failed to verify the JDBC connection to Cognos Content Store database. Please check the error message.

My good friend, Wannes Rams, a fellow Redbook Thought Leader, pointed out to me that port 446 is not what it should say, but 50000. Indeed, he was correct as most people know.

You need to make the lines in these 2 sections of the cognos-setup-properties file look like this with the :50000 at the end:
# Information for the Cognos Content Store database
# Supported database types:
#    DB Type    : Value
# ===========================
#    DB2        : db2
#    Oracle     : oracle
#    SQL Server : sqlserver
# Format the property as: host_name:port
# Note: Password is stored in clear text; leave blank to supply at run time

# Information for the Metrics database
# Supported database types:
#    DB Type    : Value
# ===========================
#    DB2        : db2
#    Oracle     : oracle
#    SQL Server : sqlserver
# Format the property as: host_name:port
# The local database name is used by the database client on the Transformer server to reference the Metrics database.
# For DB2, this is the Metrics database local catalog alias name.
# For Oracle, this is the Metrics database local TNS name.
# For SQL Server, this is the Metrics database instance name.
# Note: Password is stored in clear text; leave blank to supply at run time

A small but potentially time wasting thing that I hope has saved someone. 


  1. Although it's documented directly in the properties file, I ran into the same stupid problem... ;-)

    Thanks for posting it...

  2. You are not the only one and happy to solve the problem. While we all read the docs we just don't "get" the docs and so these things happen.
    My pain should lead to happiness for others when installing this.

  3. Thanks for the info Keith. I've spent a lot of (lost) time trying to work out how the Cognos side of things works for SQL having only ever been able to test with DB2. However even after opening a PMR with IBM I still ran into problems until today I saw the update in the Connections documentation specifically for SQL:
    IMPORTANT: When using the default database instance the property should be empty, that is, in the file the property should be set like this:
    I'm rerunning the Cognos install and configure scripts as I type this.
    Hopefully this is also helpful to anyone running into issues with the SQL connectivity.

  4. Mike, thanks for the SQL knowledge. We learn as we go along.

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