Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveler error about incorrect server version

As a follow up to my post about the traveler fix we received.

Do not fat finger your typing, as I did.

I included an extra = sign in the xml file and that presented the following challenges:

1) new installations would fail with an error that says:
"The Server you have contacted must be upgraded to support this version of Lotus notes Traveler"
2) Devices would repeatedly get asked to download the updated or newer client

While these were my instructions:

#Lotus Notes Traveler - Android
Lotus\ Traveler.Android.version= 201207031233

If Linux OS - be sure the file pemissions/ownership is not changed.

I somehow added an extra = sign before the version number.

The IBM team sent me this URL to test the server which I provide in case anyone else sees these errors.

You should get in return a message that looks like this(your verssion number may be different):

AppName=Lotus Traveler
Version= 201207031233

In the incorrect xml file, the version line showed version== and thus the two sides could not communicate properly.

Live and learn.

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