Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traveler on Android Dialing Issue with Pauses

I have been playing with a Traveler issue that seems to only affect Android devices. iPhones seem to work fine. I want to know if this is a problem for a PMR(think so) or an internal issue, let me explain.

Client is on Domino 853fp1 traveler and they use a DA with client details. Inside the DA are 2 fields, phone and extension. It has been coded to provide a dial reference into contacts that says:


Which in turn shows up on traveler very nicely and then I go to dial and get:
Error Invalid Phone Number.

So before we bother IBM PMR with this, can someone please test this with their DA?

Again iPhones pick it up and dial perfectly fine.

I have tried various formats and it is the extension that fails. It used to work on the Blackberries and we are trying to figure out if it is a code issue in the NAB they are using for the DA which is not a standard template.

We tested adding the same number, 305-555-1234,,325 into our NAB and tried to dial the office number, using corporate lookup directory, and it will not dial.

We have tried the options found on this wiki page already regarding using a p, and a comma.

Anone seen this or have a work around?

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