Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2nd Session Speaking at SugarCon 2012


An even bigger surprise to me yesterday when I was researching something for SugarCon and found out I was doing a 2nd session!
The first time, I found out via blog post, this time via Google search.
I had wondered about the session because it is one which I am quite sure no one else was doing, namely:

Full Power Collaboration with IBM SmartCloud Engage and SugarCRM

The session was meant to be about the points of integration between SugarCRM and LotusLive IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. However, it was also about how to integrate older  Domino CRM applications into SugarCRM. Since SugarCRM bought the iEnterprise CRM solution it is not such a rip and replace.

ideally we want to help every company with a Domino infrastructure looking at SugarCRM to recognize that it is not an all or nothing effort. There are choices and using 2-3 client case studies we will be outlining the options and demo them as examples, where posible.

So if you will be in San Francisco April 23-26 let me know and if you have SugarCRM questions or Domino CRM questions ask away.

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