Friday, February 24, 2012

Talk About Documentation

I was wondering where does the need for documentation come from originally. No doubt we can thank Johanes Gutenberg and the printing press but long before that civilizations had a way to document their world, lives, death, religion and games.

This week the Parsha of Terumah brings out much of the documentation about the Ark or cabinet that would hold some extremely special items. Like your data servers, this Ark had some serious specifications. Sizing and design of the UI were just the start, then it was to be virtually not touched by human hands as well. A NOC to hold The Ten Commandments solid stone, the destroyed copy of them  and a jar of the Manna.

Indeed there is no other mention of anything else except the guidelines to install in place the aforementioned items. Sure everything discussed had other meanings and later on would be recreated again once the 1st Temple or Beit Hamikdash was built and would also reappear in the Book of Esther, which we read in 2 weeks on Purim.

Funny thing to remember is they were in the desert and yet were told to use wood, skins, metals, gold, and so many things that were exacting to standard.

When you are building that Ikea furniture, your 427 engine or a new server, it's those exact instructions you seek to get everything right.

We learn from this that God wanted us to be detailed in everything we do in our life. So please provide directions or documentation or guidance to others who follow you in your endeavors.

Parsha Terumah in the book of Shemot Exodus 25:1 - 27:19

It is said that the Torah or Bible could be interpreted in over 70 ways. More likely these days 100's of ways. In light of this idea, I am writing some posts that bring a business sense to what we can learn on a weekly basis. Enjoy, Shabbat Shalom

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