Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DomDoc Manager Compared to Quickr

Good wiki article from IBM comparing Domino Document Manager (domdoc, dom.doc, domino.doc) with Quickr.
Tao YT Yan, the author, is a Software Engineer based at IBM's China Development Lab in Beijing, where he works on the Lotus Quickr for Domino product and is responsible for DDM customer support.

Really good for those still wondering what to do as support ends in 2012 for the Doc product.
We are still helping customers move their data if you need help.

Article is here: Comparing the features of IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager with IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino


  1. One thing not mentioned in the otherwise excellent page, is that DDM provides the ability to take an individual file offline (attache case). I would really like to see that functionality in Quickr.

  2. ...Or that in DDM you can auto-spawn cabinets based on number of documents or database size. Now, you could DAOS your Quickrs I suppose, but don't think Quickr is designed to scale up in the way DDM could.

    Is this the re-start of IBM positioning Quickr as a Document Management System?

    (seen through my very old DDM glasses)

  3. Neil, I guess DOLS is not specific enough? You can always download the files, but yes its an extra step or 2.

    Peter, The auto-spawn is an important function, btu it was also a subset of OS issues back then. In my current doc client we are moving 6GB as their largest file so if I set the Quickr Places to 10 or 15GB I am pretty comfortable with that size. But I get your point.

  4. Thanks Neil. Remember, it's a wiki so feel free to edit with things that may be missing.

  5. Keith, yes I think taking the whole place offline is really cool, but is overkill at times.

    I am hoping that IBM will put an attache case in the connectors, it cant be to tricky, and would sit really well in the connectors.

    Auto spawn would also be a great feature for Quickr.

    Luis, good point about the wiki, if I get a minute I might edit it.