Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SnTT - HELP! I lost my local Sametime Lists

This post is brought to you by my poor searching and also because it happened to me.

I have been rebuilding my netbook with the latest Ubuntu release and Empathy says it will work with Sametime. Well, it does, sort of. Let me explain.

Empathy logged in to only a few specific sites, not all of my usual sites. Then I got almost all to login after some configuration.

BUT when I went back to my normal laptop(St802 client) all of a sudden I could only see 3 sites and people. I was logged in, but my contacts lists were gone! I only had 3 public groups showing.


So eventually I realized I had loaded an ST client on another machine and most likely logged in with it not too long ago and could load the file from there.

One problem, no idea where the file is on a client side, server side I know.

My inept searching(Google usually indexes IBM Technotes) led me to Skype the Sametime Guru, Carl Tyler who reminded me that searching the Sametime Forum would find it. Equally so, the IBM Support Toolbar which I have not liked since they revised it, provided a link to a Technote when I reloaded it.
IBM Technote 1291253 which provides this information to find the buddylist.xml.

sametime local buddy list file location

If you are looking on a Vista client try this directory:

So be prepared, back up your local copy of contacts more often, and avoid this problem in the future.

Thanks again Carl!

I will now go back to installing Lotus Domino on Ubuntu, will blog about that later.

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