Friday, November 2, 2007

Sametime Mobile Client is Awesome!

OK, so I don't use it daily, but just knowing I can is cool.
You may not understand it but it's like texting in realtime.
Smartphone, Blackberry and you go. Of course some setup is required on the backend for it to work but once you do its great.
Do not use while driving of course.
But in 2 months when Lotusphere arrives, it will be the best thing to connect to and see everyone/anyone.
Maybe I am late to this party, I last used it on a Palm in 2000, mostly because I was not interested in it, but now my clients pulled me back in.
Clients have much more enthusiasm for the products that help them and while we can try to be the same way, unless we hit the nail on the head it is always, well we will try it and see.
So now I let them test it, with my help or assistance and let them sell themselves on setting it up for everyone.
I love it, so will you. I promise.

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