Here you can easily find the weekly TorahBiz posts I started in 2012.
All new Posts as of April 2012 are at the website.

Breishit - Sorry wait till later in 2012 for the book of Breishit

Shemot - And There Rose a New King
Veira - God's Marketing Plan
Bo - Hardened Hearts
Beshalach - "Cloud Cover" was the original "Air Cover"
Yitro - Choose Capable People
Mishpatim - Read The Fine Print
Terumah - Talk About Documentation
Tetzaveh - Good oil is hard to find
Ki Tisa - Where Are Your Horns?
Vayakhel -Finding the Expert
Pekudi - TBD

Vayikrah - In the Moment Don't Forget About the Future

Tzav - Put the Right Foot Forward
Shemini -

Purim 2012
Pesach 2012