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Last updated October 11, 2019

Adding as an alternative to boring presentations

Excellent site for Wordle tweet tags that then automatically show tweets, seen at Sugarcon 2013 is from

For a different view of Tweets, try out
I fell in love with the templates and options for infographics and everything they do over at Venngage

Just need a ready made infographic? This site is for you: NerdGraph

Want some free Graphics or Photos for use in corporate or your blog? has an amazing list of free stock photo resources here.

Twitter Icons on an Avatar. I use
If you need to convert a graphic or need to make it transparent, IAZA did it easily and all online.

Gliffy - Great for when you need a flowchart or Visio like diagram but don't have Visio. Free!

In case anyone wants to get some new Infographics or visualizations of their Social media lives, here is an ongoing list of what I found. The links may include a link to my page for an example. All links open in a separate tab.
  1. Linkedin Resume - Provides a resume, in multiple editable versions for you. From their labs.
  2. Does not do much, requires your effrort, but a great way to just have "your space" on the web.
  3. creates infograpahics from your Facebook and Twitter streams, helps you make your own too.
  4. creates a very large, 10+ pages of graphics and details about you culled from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  5. creates an infographic resume from your Linkedin Profile.
  6. another Linkedin graphical view, different perspectives
  7. Provides a view of your Linkedin profile and your inputs with what you seek in a new employer.
  8. Tagxedo does a very good Wordle, see below, like experience for your blog, website, socmed
Need to Create an Infographic or add something new to your presentations or charts? I found these FREE choices:
  1.  Piktochart Has multiple types of templates, you may want to brush up on data points which are key items in all infographics.
  2. - Basic template, data intensive templates.
  3. - Easy drag and drop to make themes and infographics
  4. Hohli Charts - just what it says, creates some nice charts, easier than Excel and different too.
  5. Google Charts - I never played with this before, looks fun, if that sounds right. Lets one put the html code on their website or blog and edit it. 
  6. Wordle - Not really an infographic, but it does provide the tag clouds you see in ubiquitous presentations.
  7. Icon Archive - Free Icons to use, one example:  Rainbow Emo Icons
  8. StatSilk - Want an interactive map, infograpahic this should work well.

SEO - Need keywords? This is a list of 20+ ways to find them. Link
18 Video Editing Apps - Link

Need simple stats? Try Dstats

Awesome page counter for websites/blogs trial version will handle 50 pages.  Insite4


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