Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking into Domino? Have ideas?

The View Admin Conference, June 22-24 Las Vegas.
What you learn in Vegas should NOT stay in Vegas. Share it!

So I have a session I am doing and given I only get about 75 minutes to present, want to focus on what you need.

The basic abstract is below:

Breaking and entering: If you can hack it, so can I
Have you ever tried to break into your own Lotus infrastructure?
Walk through different scenarios and find out how to test the limits of your
infrastructure in order to keep it running properly.
Find out how to make sure a terminated employee is not only removed from your Directory, but you know how to handle their email if it needs to continue to accept inbound mail, how to disable them from Traveler, and how to handle any Quickr sites
they might own.

So what other aspects should I cover?
Over the years of cleaning up environments the most common issues are the admin is gone but their ID is on everything.
Quickr sites/places administration.
Connections ownership?

Mostly focusing on Domino side but open to more depends on my time and how I map this session out.

So ever wonder about what to do when firing people? Or try to get into your own nab but without proper access?

This is not how to bullet proof your server for security, although some aspects will be hit on, this is more about the practicality of a day to day admins role.

Thank you in advance.