Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ethics in Business, Starts before the Interview

Recently I got into a discussion on Twitter with a recruiter of sales people for among other fields, the medical industry.

This recruiter had posted that she received a Starbucks card with a resume. She thought that was a great idea.

I replied, I thought it was in poor taste for her to think this was a good idea. Not only would this bring her a mound of cards probably, what message does it send to prospects and clients?

Namely that she can be bribed? Is that what you want to have your customer hire?

I was not the only one to remark in this fashion and the recruiter replied to us that it was a unique and eye catching way to catch her attention. Yes, I agreed, but it is still a bribe.

If it was from someone she placed, or got an interview and it could be seen as a token gesture of thanks, I have no problem with that(although if you work in politics, you should not accept it and if you do please report it appropriately).

I asked her if she was in politics would she still think it was a good idea? Down here in Florida we have had practically whole councils of people under investigation and jail for similar type incidents.

She replied she isn't in politics so it doesn't matter.

At that reply I just stopped bothering.

If you are supposed to be finding employees, I would expect you would want to find honest and above board people that understand the difference between right and wrong in a sales transaction because that employee may one day cause your business major headaches or become CEO.

Sending a resume in a box marked medical supplies could have accomplished the same benefit and left one free to discuss great openings into new accounts.