Monday, February 15, 2010

DAOS Rocks again, 2 clients details

A sampling of data from one client.

8 of the largest files were run today as a proof test and the results were the following:

Space saved % saved of mail file
3,023,524,000 79
773,532,000 17
1,712,269,000 40
15,903,000 16
512,000 4
72,386,000 7
15,611,000 28
2,412,858,000 51

Low of 4% to a high of 79%

Average for these was 891,843,889 per mail file saved or about 27 % per mail file.

Almost a GB per person saved is a good start we think.
Of course the new server has a TB, the old one 80GB.

Looking to put all of them on and then get a final number.

Second Client saw this when we moved them this week, 18 executives files:

Physical size Originally: 15,987,641,383
Logical Size After DAOS: 1,778,384,896

DAOS: 14,209,256,487
Percent Saved: 73%

Some as much as 92 and a low of 30 % reduction.

Putting this into perspective in a 1,000 or 10,000 user mail system will provide huge benefits in reduced server tasks processing time at night, backups, SAN storage and of course bandwidth traffic in general.